Happy Mother’s Day?

So here, on the eve of Mother’s day,  I find myself sitting at my mother’s bed side. Her breathing is heavy and laboured but she is so peaceful. She looks beautiful. Her skin is amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t inherit that beautiful skin. My sister got that skin. Gosh, I hope she gets here in time.

My mind wanders. My mother has had the most amazing life. Full. Full to the brim of love, laughter, giving, loss and tragedy. Looking at her now I can’t believe I will never have the joy of one more conversation with her. I will never hear that naughty laugh again.

But you know what? It is OK. We have made the most. That ache in my chest will lessen with time. The pain of loss will gradually be overcome by awesome memories of an incredible woman; a strong and passionate woman who through caring so much for others taught me to care; taught me to care enough about every individual that crosses my path.

I think of all those women I have come to know and love over the years that have lost a child. I am so sad to be losing my mom at this time, but she has lived a life few people could jam into 70 short years.

Tonight I am grateful for the time, for the love, for the memories and find myself saying a prayer for all of those women who have a constant ache in their chest.

Happy Mother’s day……