Beautiful gestures

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Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children has been very blessed recently. We have received two significant donations from families choosing donations to Umduduzi, in lieu of flowers after the death of their loved one.

It is such a beautiful gesture that translates into real action for an organisation such as ours. While my florist friends are surely not pleased when this happens, it makes a huge difference in the forever ailing NGO sector.

It is also a very meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one.

But I have a few amazing friends that haven’t even waited for their funeral. They have chosen to forsake being lavished with gifts for their birthdays, asking instead for donations to their chosen organisation. This to me is also incredibly generous.

One friend said jokingly, “You know, it makes me feel very popular, because even friends who would never have given me a gift, manage to donate to a worthy cause!”

Another said, “It’s not generous at all. While I am so grateful to be thought of on my birthday, I just couldn’t stand getting yet more candles, bubble bath and chocolates that I wouldn’t be able to use before my next birthday! And re-gifting is not for me.”

Whatever the reasons, I just think, wow. Beautiful gestures like these do actually translate into meaningful donations. It’s a win:win and where would we be without this kind of support?