Mesmerised.  The depth, the width, the breadth. High above the ocean, flying home after a frustrating 24 hours of airports, bad service and little irritations. But that’s all noise. Up here it’s so quiet. Just the hum of the plane and the most spectacular views of coast, sea and clouds.

The sun is rising over a dark grey ocean.  Flickers of silver, yellow and gold dance on the water below me.

I feel so small. So insignificant.

‘So’, you are thinking. ‘She has finally lost it’.

Well don’t panic. It’s a short flight and soon I will be landing back in Durban where this quiet moment of peace and reflection will be nothing but a distant memory swallowed up in the chaos that is my life.

My taxi driver in East London had never been on a plane. He said, “my place is here on the ground. When something bad happens on the road you can get out the car and run. Where are you going to go when you up there?” We both laughed and I thought how lucky he is to not know what it is to have a flight cancelled with no explanation, no apology; to not spend hours and hours waiting for better days at an airport.

Seriously? I love flying. It is a privilege to see the world from a different perspective. To be stuck in a chair with nothing to do and no where to go trusting in a huge metal bird and a pilot to get you where you need to go.

I read an article yesterday – the key to happiness is acceptance. Very zen. And yes, I had a lot of time hanging round airports… It made me think of a beautiful family that have just lost their precious child to cancer. Their devastation and agony is very apparent and yet I would not call them unhappy. During his illness they accepted their situation and managed it with grace and skill, ensuring his last weeks were filled with a lot of love and even fun.

Talk about perspective.

It doesn’t mean I don’t get to be frustrated by poor airline service and bad communication, but some things just are what they are.

Kind of makes me think of this well known prayer…